Wallet & Neck Pouch Grey/Gold

This slim wallet has a double function: you can use it for stowing away cards & cash. You can however also use it as a pendant or pouch for our necklaces! In the next step, choose the right string and additional clips for even more practicality. With a few simple steps, you create your own pouch that is not only stylish, but also incredibly practical: it replaces trouser pockets and you can clip it on and off as you like. A little tip: put the emptied wallet in the next load of laundry you wash! This way it’s not only vegan, but also clean, plus it gets a leathery patina.



Sminx stands for modular and innovative design from Berlin, which is reflected in each of our handmade products. Our shop consists of 3 product categories, that can be combined with one another. This product belongs to the category Etuis & Smartphone Adapters.

Hi! It’s a pleasure to meet you. We are the Etuis & Smartphone Adapters and are the smart extensions for your sminx necklace.

  • With us, the strings turns into a smartphone necklace, a lanyard, a neck pouch and a pen holder necklace.
  • With us you got your valuables and other important everyday companions at your fingertips, without having to hold them in your hand.
  • On the bike, at work, while shopping, playing on outside with your kids and even on the road, your valuables are stored away safely. We secure them against falling down and even against theft.
  • We are complemented by multifunctional strings, a unisize smartphone adapter for any smartphone model or clips & carabiners that you can individually attach to us.

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