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Sminx – smart strings was launched on a rainy Sunday in April 2018. We were about to start our own company and were a bit at a loss as to how we should do it properly. “We can invest a maximum of € 500, that’s all we can do,” we said, looking at our student wallets. “Easy. That should do it for now – right?” It wasn’t all that easy, but surprisingly we got there with this investment in terms of money.

Today we know that the 500 € was not the actual thing that got sminx going, but the unbelievable expenditure of time, the lifeblood and the loving interest of numerous friends, our family, roommates and yes, you and other loyal customers brought us here.

Through you ♥ we could and can create and maintain a fair cycle where we work economically profitably to keep sminx up and running.

So, what exactly do we do at sminx?

At sminx, we produce and sell accessories for small and valuable everyday companions, keys, money cards, small change, cell phones etc. These accessories are always versatile and modular. That means you can get a wide variety of bag straps, small bags and carabiners to connect each individually or as a finished set.

Production takes place in our hometown Berlin!

Our products are sold in some interior, DIY and gift shops. You can also find our entire range here in our >ONLINE SHOP.

With sminx we make a (small) contribution to the wellbeing of all of us.

Not only do we make our customers happy with our products, we also support the people in our production workshop. Our “Partner in Crime” is a social facility in which people do well-paid work.

Last but not least, we pay attention to optimal quality and sustainable materials for every product. And when it comes to our packaging, we say – less is more – in line with our ecological awareness.

Some may think: another cell phone chain? There is more than enough of that. Yes, we make cell phone chains like xouxou, lulu, lala and not all of them. However, we are the original from Berlin with the standard size for every cell phone, regardless of the model! We really don’t want to flood you with even more plastic covers and have therefore developed a sustainable product that is made of robust natural fibers and is washable in the washing machine. We have therefore protected this unique selling point.

Enough from us! If you notice anything while browsing and you want to give us feedback or have a question, please write to us. We are always happy to receive news and are always quick to reply!

Lea, Jannis and the rest of the sminx team

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