Smart String with Pen Case PANTER White/Golden

The set consists of our >SMART STRING and our >PEN CASE. This PEN CASE NECKLACE is adjustable in length and can be used universally amongst other things for pens, vape pens and juuls. The pen case consists of a paper like material. It is not only stylish, but also incredibly practical: with only one click you can detach the etui from the necklace. It can be washed in the washing machine and is then ready for use again! Vegan, clean and modular.


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Sminx stands for modular and innovative design from Berlin, which is reflected in each of our handmade products. Our shop consists of 3 product categories, which can be freely combined with each other. This product belongs to the Sminx Sets, a combination of selected individual parts.

Hi! It’s a pleasure to meet you. We are selected multifunctional Sminx sets. We are preconfigured complete solutions that you can buy without a lot of bells and whistles in just a few clicks.

  • Whether it’s a smartphone necklace, keychain, neck pouch or pen holder necklace: with us you have valuable items and other important everyday companions at your fingertips, without having to hold them in your hand.
  • On the bike, at work, while shopping, playing on outside with your kids and even on the road, your valuables are stored away safely. We secure them against falling down and even against theft.
  • We are the perfect gift to make you or your loved ones happy. We are the absolute sminx classics – we are uncomplicated and discreet. With us you are guaranteed to be right!



Additional information


The monochrome Pen Case is made of two sustainable natural fibers and is vegan. It’s ca. 4.5 cm wide and 21 cm long. The paper-like material is resilient and can be washed and ironed at up to 60 degrees Celsius! The strap is 150cm and made of the plastic polypropylene as a braided cord.


brass/galvanized metal, it may discolor over time


Up to three pens fit into our Pen Case. It can be attached to the band by a snap fastener or by a split ring.


Check the strength of the material regularly. The material of the Pen Case is subject to wear and tear during use – please replace as necessary.


In the spirit of sustainability, the Set is packed with care and a discreet recycled paper manual.

Special note

Be gentle – the natural material can tear. The Pen Case is worn at your own risk.